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Linear Lighting

Linear Lighting

Long lines and simplified silhouettes are taking the spotlight! Though ornate chandeliers and bolder options still have their place, linear lighting is a refreshing way to create a modern look that blends effortlessly into your space. In this blog we will introduce some facts and ideas on how to incorporate linear lighting into your own home.

What are the different types of linear lighting?

First things first, linear lighting is any type of lighting whose shape is in the form of a continuous line and distributes light over a narrow area. Believe it or not these lights can come in many different forms, in this article we will breakdown two common examples.

-Suspended linear fixtures are designed to hang down from the ceiling on chains or wires. There are two main types of shape to this form of lighting. One is a suspended linear bar with either one or multiple light sources. The other is a linear plate installed on the ceiling itself with multiple pendants hanging down in a straight and linear arrangement.

-Surface-mounted linear fixtures are similar to recessed fixtures in that they are designed to be installed close to the ceiling or wall. However, these fixtures are not flush with the surface, instead they protrude slightly.

Tips for styling linear lighting

-Suspended linear lighting can be mounted in a variety of lengths and combinations to enhance and bring architectural interest to an area. To use for general or ambient lighting the suspension height should be short and closer to the ceiling, this will distribute the light over a wider range of space. When suspended much lower or further from the ceiling it can serve as brilliant task lighting over a kitchen island or a dining table.

-Surface mounted linear lighting are perfect for rooms with exposed ceilings as well as spaces in which there is little room between the structural ceiling and the dropdown ceiling, where recessed linear lighting is impossible to install. Surface mounted linear lighting is a great solution for providing uniform illumination, while keeping a more minimal aesthetic. A good tip to remember is to try to avoid placing the lights too close together or down the center of a room, as these types of installations can give a look of a commercial runway rather than cozy living space. 

At Zshop we have a collection of linear lighting options to choose from to complete any styling project.


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