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Elevated Office

Elevated Office


The office, whether home or at the workplace has been redefined. No more cubicles, boxy furniture or stark white backdrops. Now, we are seeing these spaces becoming highly individualized with unique touches and bold décor. The challenge is finding the perfect balance for comfort, functionality and aesthetic that together, can inspire enthusiasm for your work. In this blog we go over some tips and ideas that are sure to come in handy when styling your office.


Keep it crafty!

Visual stimulation is important to help keep you energized throughout the day. Try adding some vibrant hues, whether it be with a few plants, some funky stationary items or a unique art piece.  


Give your space an open feel 

Whether you are working with a large room or small corner office, having a good layout can make all the difference. Giving your space a more open feel can boost levels of concentration. 

The first step is to rid of any unnecessary clutter as too much bulk can shrink a room. Next is to focus on the essentials like cabinetry. Consider installing floating cabinetry or built-ins to create the illusion of more floor space. Adding mirrors or crown molding can also increase a sense of scale as they allow the eye to travel. 



Liven up your lumens!

Different areas of your office often require different types of lighting, so you will want varying layers of light: task lighting, ambient and/or accent lighting.

Task lighting:

Use a wall light, floor lamp or desk lamp for daily project work. When it comes to task lighting details pay off, opt for fixtures with adjustable shades that can focus light directly where you need. Note that task lighting doesn't have to be boring, a desk lamp in bold color or cool silhouette can make great design element.

 Ambient/Accent lighting:

Large overhead pendants are used for more general room illumination. If placed right, overhead lighting gives opportunity for high design without the fixture being too intrusive. For example, you can use an irregular shaped pendant light as an interesting focal-point, or a linear shaped pendant over a desk to frame the space in an eye-catching way. At Zshop we have a wide range of wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights to help you elevate your office.




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